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“I’ve come on so much in the past 12 months and all this is down to Ray and his dedication to each individual.”

Andrew Lee

“Never ever could I have ever believed that this may have been possible in 10 months. Well it was… Ray and all at Tri-Rivington made my journey an incredible and fun process.”

My only recommendations if you are new to triathlon and want to complete a journey such as mine, train hard and contact Ray and he will help you achieve your goals.”

Matthew Pemrick

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From Hospital To Full Recovery x 3

As many of my friends know I have had a few visits to the hospital over the years. However, the top three most serious have to be: June 2015 when I had to be suddenly rushed to Oldham hospital to have an emergency ischemic bowel operation with a 10 day stay, then in...

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Time To Enjoy Your Running

Have you ever been faced with the possibility of not being able to go out for a run ever again? I have on numerous occasions. I won't bore you with the details but it allowed me to reflect and take a close look at why I enjoy getting out running so much. My conclusion...

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