As the old Jewish saying goes,” We plan, God Laughs” or “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”

Well I did!

There I was, five weeks before my A race “Ironman Italy” feeling great about being bang on target with my preparations before the big day. In fact my stats were looking so much better than the previous four years. Suddenly, on a Saturday morning I felt the urge to wee but was unable to. This continued all day until my bladder was at bursting point and extremely painful.

By six that evening I was in Bolton A and E. All I can say, without going through all the gory details, is that it was like a scene from the torture chambers of “Game of Thrones”. For over three hours the nurses and doctor tried every possible catheter they had to no avail. Thankfully, they did manage to relieve the pressure with a syringe and drain a litre of fluid from my bladder from the two litres I had. This allowed me to sleep until the morning when they would try again with a camera.

The next day, with the camera catheter plus the consultant, there was still no joy. After a lot of discussion they came to the conclusion that it could all be sorted with an operation. In fact the consultant reassured me that I would be back cycling, running and swimming before I knew it.  However, in the meantime I would have to have a temporally catheter fitted directly through my stomach.

Nearly ten weeks on and I am now booked in to have the operation this coming Thursday, 17th October.

So, how have I coped and kept focused?

To be honest I did what I always do – I regrouped my plans and focused on what I can control and what I can do.

Initially, I was able to cycle and swim, even in the open water but this only lasted three weeks before I began to experience problems. Running was limited to speed walking and very light jogging which could only be done twice a week at the most. I then decided to use this time for an end of season recovery with plenty of walking, reading, writing, drawing up training plans for clients, devising swimming and watt bike sessions and chilling out at home.

Although I was unable to be on the start line of this year’s Italian Ironman I did thoroughly enjoy supporting my son and other club members throughout the day. Adding a week of traveling around the north of Italy enjoying the beautiful cities and food added to the enjoyment.

Now that my operation is just under a week away I am beginning to get excited at getting back and preparing for the season ahead.

However, this time “I am not going to tell God my plans just yet”.


  1. Ian Bushrod

    Ray good luck for the operation. Thank you for looking after me and many others during this trying time not just for you but your family. Thank you for providing the training plan for Bolton IM but also more recently the TP for the Fireman’s two up, which I completed and total enjoyed. Thank not just from me but my race buddy.

    • Raymond McGloin

      Thanks Ian! These are very kind comments and I feel very humble, as there are so many legends in our club with you among them Ian. 🙂

  2. Tim

    Brilliant Ray, inspirational

    • Raymond McGloin

      Thanks Tim! But the inspiration comes from you and the rest of the team.

  3. Andrew Doyle

    Bravo Senòr… Life lessons here… Oy vey.


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