Personalised Training Plans

  • Before your unique training plan is drawn up we have to consider the following:
  • Your level of fitness and skill in the disciplines you are competing in;
  • Your family, work and social commitments throughout the week, month and year;
  • The number of hours you are realistically able to commit to training;
  • Any family holidays, birthdays, celebrations etc.
  • The events/races you want take part or compete in;
  • Your strength and weaknesses;
  • Which is you’re A race and what time would you like to complete it in? What time for each discipline?
  • Which events are going to be your B and C races?
  • When you have had time to reflect and answered these questions you are ready to begin.

What is involved?

Once I have this information I can then begin drawing up your online TrainingPeaks plan. This will involve me carefully planning in detail your weekly training around your commitments. All you have to do is check that it fits in with your week and when you have completed each session download the data and feedback to me.

As the training sessions progress you will then see how the data adds up and how you are progressively getting fitter, faster and stronger with more endurance, as well as technically improving in each discipline.


In addition

Included in the cost is:

  • Swimming video analysis with corrective drills;
  • Running video analysis;
  • Nutritional advice;
  • General support and advice whenever you need it.


Monthly members £55
Annual members £65
Non-members £75