As you may know, I have been unable to run for anything over a couple of miles for a few months now.
It has taken a long time to fully understand the cause but it looks like it has been the result of a considerable number of miles on the bike with not enough stretching off afterwards and strength work on my glutes to match the cycling miles. This has been further compounded by my restricted neck mobility and inability to turn fully to look round when cycling.
It has only been recently, through an MRI scan and a consultant’s report, that it was confirmed that I had broken my neck when I hit a very deep pot hole in March 2016. As you can imagine this came as an absolute shock to me, as I was assured at the time in the hospital that I was in no need of an x ray and I was good to go.
In spite of this, I calculated that I have covered over 10,000 miles of cycling in the last twelve months which may explain why I have Piriformis syndrome, also known as wallet syndrome in the cycling world because of where it hurts.
Thankfully, it hasn’t been painful when cycling or swimming. In fact my cycling and swimming are both looking great at the moment.
The good news is that my running legs are slowly coming back.
What am I doing?
Lots of specific stretching of the piriformis muscles especially my right side. Also, daily strengthening of these muscles with single leg slow assisted squats, single leg press, and a variety of lunges with and without weights. I am also building my running time on the treadmill on gradient 1 and now managing 30 minutes each day and feeling less and less pain as the days go by. Aim is to back on a regular 10 km run a couple of times a week by the the second week in January.     
 What have I learnt?
No matter how I feel after a bike ride or run, I will always thoroughly stretch off for at least twenty minutes before getting in the shower. Also, I am now committed to a daily fifteen minutes focused strength work on my glutes to match the increase in miles on the bike.

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  1. kevin

    Hey Ray, great advice as usual. the biggest mistake most of us make whether, runners, cyclist swimmers etc. is not to stretch after competing or training.most folk may do a warm down but very few of us actually take time out to stretch properly or at all. Defo on my to do list


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