Training Plan – Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Training Plan – Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Before making the commitment to have a 1:1 training plan from a qualified triathlon coach, it is important to establish whether or not you are ready for this commitment.

Dean and I can give our members a 100% commitment in drawing up 1:1 Training Plans using the technology of TrainingPeaks. Each plan will be unique to you and will be drawn up to fit in with your family, work and social commitments. Our focus will always be to have you ready to be the best you can for your main event in 2020.

Answering the following questions may help you to decide whether having a 1:1 training plan is for you – 

  1. Have you signed up for a triathlon/duathlon event in which you want to perform to your best ability?
  2. Do you feel you need guidance on balancing your training around your family, work and social life commitments?
  3. Are you prepared to focus on your weaknesses while improving on your strengths?
  4. Do you need guidance on how to become faster and stronger in all three disciplines without over training?
  5. Do you need the extra motivation from the guidance of a coach?
  6. Do you need a coach you can trust and contact whenever you need help and advice?
  7. Do you need guidance on nutrition?
  8. You need support on how best to recover, so you are getting fitter and faster?
  9. Do you need access to a wide variety of turbo/watt bike session plans that match your Functional Threshold power and improve your average cycling speed?
  10. Do you need access to a very wide variety of swimming plans that will improve your technique, feel and pace in the water?
  11. Do you need access to a variety of outdoor and treadmill running plans that will improve your average running pace.
  12. Do you feel motivated to prepare to be at your best on the start line of your main event in 2020?

If the answer to the majority of these questions is yes then having a 1:1 Training plan maybe ideal for you.

Cost: For our monthly members it is only £55 a month and £65 per month for our annual members.

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