Why do I choose to put in hours and hours of training to participate/compete in triathlon events and particularly the Ironman?

Here are my reasons in no particularly order of importance:

I love the feeling of being as fit as I can be – I always feel that it is a privilege for me to be fit, as there are so many people who are ill or in hospital who can only dream of feeling what it’s like to be fit and well.

It makes me feel much younger than my years and, provided I don’t look in the mirror, I can live with the illusion that I am twenty one.

It enhances my life without taking over from my principle priorities – Family and close friends.

Getting out with other likeminded people who have so many stories to share about themselves is a wonderful experience.

The comradery and the knowledge that you’re all in it together is a great feeling. As a group you are able to share experiences that those who don’t do triathlons will not understand and would be bored by your accounts. Stories of peeing in your wetsuit while swimming is not something you would share at work.

I love getting out with others to train and have fun.

Training with others helps me to not take myself too seriously. There’s no dignity when you have to stop on a long bike ride to find a discreet place in the country side for a pee or worse.

Doing any triathlon event takes commitment and discipline which when added to your family and work commitments, makes it extraordinary.

I believe that it allows you to be a role model to your children and others. Telling your children they can achieve anything is not as powerful as showing them by example.

I love the mix of our club members – The mix of sexes, ages, occupations, religious and non-religious believes, sense of humour, introverts and extroverts.

It’s not about the job, house, car or money we have. I love the idea that no one is interested in what we do or have outside the club. We are only interested in how to be the best we can with the people we love training with who are always on hand to help us. Of course, this doesn’t stop bike envy.

There is nothing quite like waking up early in the morning and getting to the start line. The nerves kick in and the questioning of, “Why the f….. am I doing this when I could have a sleep in and a big breakfast instead?” But once I get off the start line with the other competitors it all begins to make sense and as you cross the finish line you know that you are fully alive.

The big question is – “Why do you do it?”


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